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(photographs: Tom Davis)

Tuesday, October 3, 2017







actor: I am the king of infinite space

I am the king of infinite space: the realm on the other side of death. I am Hades, the unseen, the Lord of the multitudes, monarch of anything that is, in any way, otherwise; prince of paradox, owner of all the spaces between whatever can be said. Part time husband. Dog lover.

from our play The Glad Cafe






Wednesday, October 4, 2017







actor: I can hear the cold sea calling

Sometimes I see the old ones. You know, the old old ones, from the North. From right up there in the North. I can hear the cold sea calling, I can hear them in their distance, their strangeness, from over the lonely seas.

from our play The Glad Cafe






Thursday, October 5, 2017







actor: nothing else is

love is the force that drives the stars
love is the very air we breathe
love is the ground on which we stand
love is the field we never leave

you can never be anywhere else but love
for love is all there is

when love has nothing to take or send
when love has nothing to borrow or lend
when love has no beginning or middle or end
you know nothing else is but love

from our play The Glad Cafe







Friday, October 6, 2017









Love is the cure.
Your pain will keep giving birth to more pain.
Just let your eyes breathe out love
as easily as a flower breathes out its sweetness.


Rumi, Love is the cure, (re)transl. Tom Davis








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