We have a hand press, using a very sweet and well-behaved machine of 1839. The press is equipped with everything it needs to print, and every student who does the course produces (in groups of three or four) a set of hand printed Christmas cards. This is very character-forming.

Students learn how to print from a set of three videos that I have made with the TV unit at Birmingham (email me if you want more details) and from a manual I wrote, which is here.

Students also learn basic DTP, using (of course) the Macintosh; and in the second year they produce Web pages. At the same time they are encouraged to think about the implications and possibilities of print.

I have a number of lectures and papers on printing and text theory.

Here are the links that are useful for Web research on any aspect of printing. There is a seriously wonderful collection... If you were doing an essay on any aspect of this subject I really suspect you need look no further. Who needs books anyway? (Joke: it's a joke).